The Shady Shopkeep


Balthazar is a tall and thin man with a receding hairline. The bags under his eyes reveal that he gets little sleep and seems to have aged terribly. His dusty suit matches the dust in his rarely visited shop. He has a scar running down his face, acquired from an unknown source.


He is the shopkeeper of Hobbknobs. Shady character, with a scar on the side of his temple. He has long hair and a glass eye. Eats dinner every day at the inn for 15 minutes, and is not seen otherwise. Nobody knows him, and he has no friends. He does not socialize with anyone. Nobody knows anything about him or his business, nor has anyone been in his shop.

Due to his continued lying, the party from Solaris is able to discover that he is a spy for Asmodeus in the city and is charged with treason to Pelor. In Pelorian justice, he is killed by Terja with a killing curse.

He lies like a rug.


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