Benedict Swordskin

An Ardent Fighter for Pelor


Ability Scores

  • 10 STR
  • 13 CON
  • 10 DEX
  • 8 INT
  • 15 WIS
  • 19 CHA


  • AC 17
  • Fort 14
  • Ref 12
  • Will 17

Born in the town of Solaris, Benedict’s parents were both kind and nurturing. His father Fredrick was a skilled swordsman who taught him how to use a blade. Benedict spent many years under his father learning how to wield the weapon that gave his father his name. His mother Luna was one of the town’s most skilled magicians, and although Benedict could never truly grasp magic, she did teach him how to convince an ally of your intentions, how to intimidate an enemy, and the ways of Pelor. Benedict spent much of his time with his friends, and was a good companion to all of them. There was almost no one who disliked him, and with ale in his hand and a friend by his side, he is more than content. During his teenage years, Benedict often faced his friends in duels in order to increase both their skills. On one fateful day, he was dueling with his friend Veridor, when Veridor slipped on a rock, and Benedicts blow accidentally slit his friend’s throat. While lying in agonizing pain, Benedict ran to his friend in an attempt to do anything to save him. As the agony of killing Veridor hit him, a strange power rushed through Benedict. He looked down to see a force extending out from his fingertips towards Veridor’s throat, healing the deadly wound. Both Benedict and Veridor passed out immediately afterwards. When he awoke, Benedict could feel that same power within him. His mother noticed the change, and was able to tell him that his inner feelings, when released, can mend his allies wounds, and bring them back from the brink of death. He continued to train with the sword under his father, and learned the ways of healing from his mother. When he was asked to go on his first mission with his good friends Terja, Jacob, and Avitus, he bid his parents farewell, and promised them that he would eventually return. He goes out into the world determined, and with his allies at his side, he is confident that they can overcome anything.

Wishlist Quick Weapon +1 Greatsword Hero’s Armor +1 Chainmail or Defensive Armor +1 Chainmail

Benedict Swordskin

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