Jacob Hobbes

He's short, a worshiper of Pelor and Clever.


Ability Scores • 13 STR • 10 CON • 10 DEX • 19 INT • 8 WIS • 17 CHA Defenses • AC 14 • Fort 11 • Ref 14 • Will 15


The Hobbes family was well respected and a model family of gnomes. Jacob’s grandfather, Herald Hobbes, was a gnome leader on Pelor’s side. He won Pelor many victories. Herald’s son, and Jacob’s father, Matthew Hobbes, tried to become as great as Herald, so he worked with illusionary magic. He spent much time learning about illusionary magic and teaching it to Jacob. Eventually Matthew hit a snag and couldn’t reach the next level of illusionary magic. His ambition got the better of him; he turned to Asmodeus. Though he did get stronger he also lost control of himself. One night Matthew lost his sanity to the magic. He attacked his entire family. Jacob being the oldest and the only of Matthew’s children to be trained in illusionary magic tried to fight back. Matthew killed his wife and then killed all of Jacob’s siblings; all but one. In a fleeting attempt to save someone Jacob used his magic to keep his mind intact and to save the life of his sister, Emma Hobbes. Though not as strong as his father, Emma was driven to insanity. Fortunately warriors of Pelor had uncovered Matthew’s work with Asmodeus and arrived in time to save Jacob and Emma. After a few more years of training Jacob has taken part in an adventuring group to fight the forces of Asmodeus. He is searching for a way to save his sister from insanity. Through his training in illusionary magic, Jacob has become obsessed with puzzles. He loves to solve things that no one else can. A puzzle that he can’t solve is frustrating to him, and how to save his sister is a puzzle that could drive him insane.

Jacob Hobbes

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