15 AC 17 Fort 15 Reflex 13 Will

HP 37

Item Wish List: 1. Bracers of the Perfect Shot 2. Armour of Dark Majesty +1 3. Spider Silk Mantle +1 4. Gauntlets of Blood 5. Tongueworm 6. Everlasting Provisions


Born into an orphanage in Solaris he was a ward of the state. Terja spent his time studying, striving to better understand the chaos and desolation of the world around. In his studies Terja found the history of Infernal warlocks most intriguing in their ability to break allegiances and even wage war on the gods. Terja, although owing fealty to Pelor (Due to his assistance to law and the preservation of order), he sees sentient beings as the only medium to fully achieve the goals of law and order. Due to the chaos that grips Terra Sicca, Terja has found law to be the only solid factor holding civilization together. To ensure that Terja studied to be a detective. Spending the last two years training in the ranks of the local defence troop, Terja has quickly mastered many attributes of a fine inspector. His combination of magical prowess and legal experience have led Terja to be known as a rising force to be reckoned with. Criminals be weary of his steps, for the law is not mocked.

Terja wears black robes with a hood that he seldom uses. His hair is a jet black which is pulled back in a pony tail behind his head. In his robes he keeps his straight Ivory wand at the ready. A golden lining and handle provide an artistic touch to the implement. Terja fancies himself an aesthetic and enjoys art, especially artifacts.

Although he considers himself a lawfully good person, Terja’s sudden outbursts against his enemies provide questionable, if not outright unlawful, retribution. His through investigations and logic are used to mentally weaken his enemies and eventually discover their secrets. He is forever training his detective skills. Recently, the growth of his dark powers has provided Terja with an inner struggle.


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