Manus Divinus

The Thrid Session: The Cave of Di'relthar
You've lost your nails and hair! It's just a flesh wound...

The party awakes from their battle with the dragon to the sounds of screaming and terror. Aroused the party looks to discover that Kaylor, their travelling monk companion has lost his finger and toe nails. He is awoken but when asked if he is healthy, he replies that he is feeling perfectly fine. The party, weary for their friend decide that the best plan of action is to head to the closest city with a magical doctor. The city of Selsar lies a few days ahead. And so the party ventures forth through their sylvan surroundings and finally to a large, impassable cave. The party decides that the only way to Selsar before their companion retrogrades further is through the cave.

Within the cave the party discovers a locked and imposing iron gate with the line “You Shall Not Pass” imprinted on it. The party questioned the best way through and wondered if there was an option nearby. Terja, empowered from the battle with the dragon, stepped forth with his new power and in a powerful spell blasted the gate apart. The party was stunned, but reacted quickly to the goblins which quickly attacked. After disbursing the threat, the party continued down the cave until they reached a tri-fork of passages. The party left the decision to chance and proceeded down the left path. Soon after, the party heard a cry in the distance. The cry led the party to a little human girl crying that ‘they were back’. After Benedict had successfully calmed the girl down he realised that she had been abducted from the town of Selsar and that her name was Cassandra. Benedict and the rest of the party agreed to return the girl home, and so they regressed to the fork and, by chance once more, proceeded down the right path; Benedict, carrying Cassandra on his shoulders. After some walking the party found the floor crumbling. Terja, Benedict, and Jacob easily survived the jump to the other side but poor Avitus fell to the stone below. The party went to help their comrade and inadvertently engaged a frightened goblin troupe in their strategy room. The party quickly eliminated the threat and learned that this cave belonged to a chaotic evil agent of Asmodeus, Di’relthar the goblin who uses the cave as a launch point for Asmodean missions. Benedict was brave enough to notice that there were two doors in the room, one to an armoury and one to a hallway which Benedict glanced into and noticed a glimpse of sunlight at the far end. Tired, the party investigated the armoury and then decided to barricade the only other door, which led to an occupied hallway, and rest.

The next morning the party awoke again to screaming. Kaylor had lost all the hair from his body and began taking the form of a very sickly being. However, he continued to protest and proclaimed himself perfectly fine. The party decided to pick up their pace for Kaylor’s sake and for their sake as their supply of food had vastly decreased to approximately two days. The party ventured into the hallway, and by using their dramatic and physical talents, managed to evade the goblin scouts and guards. At the end of the hallway was a large chamber. The darkness was lit by a few torches which led the party’s eyes to the centre where a large dragon slept. Benedict leaned over to his comrades and told of the beast’s vulnerabilities in this helpless state. So the party then debated who the most powerful of the group was and who would be able to sneak to the beast unnoticed the best. As the party continued to debate, Terja stepped forth, tired of fickle arguments with such a threat nearby, and luckily was able to call forth the flaming river of Phlegethos from the depths of the inner hells and scalded the beast in a ring of burning flames, then Terja quickly used his Vampiric powers to drain the life energy of the beast before retreating back with his comrades to reengage the Dragon. Enraged the dragon fought but was no match for the power of the party. Finally, after a quick struggle, the dragon fell with a final green jet of light from the tip of Terja’s wand. The party then continued through the chamber and into the next room. In the next room is the vile agent of Asmodeus himself, Di’relthar, come to kill the party. In an epic struggle of power and shifts, the party finally manages to fell the goblin commander and his guards. Avitus finishes the day with a powerful strike that kills the goblin before he hit the ground.

The party emerges from the cave triumphant. In the starry night sky, the party sees Selsar but a half day’s march away. The woods, however, are dangerous and prevent the party from further advancing in the night. Instead the party forages for food and finds a succulent den of rabbits which serve as their meal. The party rests, knowing that the next day should bring many more surprises, threats, and triumphs to be had.

Second Session: Detour in Del-Richia
In his Sordid Saloon

On the second night the party found itself venturing further into the wilds on its way to Tyrannica, a town beyond the border of Pelor’s dominion. The party had been commanded by the local priest, Father Christian, of their home in Solaris to eliminate the population of Tyrannica. As the party ventured onward they encountered a town on the road. A large set of gates stood between them and the way in. However, a monk rushed to open the gates for the party. His name was Kaylor and kept his hands wrapped in cloth due to his training as a monk. Kaylor introduced the party to the town of Del-Richia. A quaint society featuring such places as the Gaudy Jester, the local inn/tavern, and the suspicious Hobknobs, run by the even shadier Balthazar.

The party immediately met with Del-Richia’s local priest, Father Mathew, who instructed the party to enjoy their stay at Del-Richia and recuperate from their travels. The party went to the Gaudy Jester Inn where the party found much valuable information about the town and the mysterious shop across the street, Hobknobs. The party decided best to investigate themselves. Upon entering the party found that the shop was dark and gloomy, seemingly run down with a hint of magic surrounding the place. From the back room came the proprietor, Balthazar, who answered all of the party’s questions about his store, which happened to sell various organs and dark magic objects. After much interrogation and question asking, Terja was able to discover that Balthazar was lying about everything he said. From the source of his business to the scar upon his head he had lied about everything. Unfortunately, members Benedict and Avitus only succeeded in angering the owner and making him cast the party out of the store before more information could be acquired. In an investigative fashion, Terja proceeded to coax the party into visiting the Compendium Archives of the town at the Church to see if the sewers would be a more profitable way to sneak into the shop’s back rooms, where the party believed a log book would be kept where the owner would list his buyers. The log book would, hopefully, list an Asmodean spy or citizen who could give them information about the battle to come in Tyrannica. The sewers, however, proved to be futile as the party was unable to break into the stone which made up the floor. The party agreed to rest and rethink a strategy in the morning.

On the next morning the party decided that the two sneakiest, Terja and Jacob, and luckily the members of the party who were not thrown out the previous day, should attempt to try learning a bit more. Upon entering, Terja and Jacob began to interrogate Balthazar again, but in a friendlier manner than previously. Discovering that by words they were getting nowhere, the two decided to spring a trap for one to sneak into the back. Jacob used his magical hand to knock over a jar in the far corner which prompted Balthazar to run over and yell at Jacob for ruining his merchandise. Meanwhile, Terja slipped unnoticed into the back room to discover a shocking sight. A statue of Asmodeus adorned the corner, while on the desk lay assorted letters and papers. On that table was an empty log book which contained a letter in the front cover. The letter stated that Balthazar was, in fact, a spy for the other side and was reporting on Del-Richia as a front for Asmodean invasion. Elated and worried, Terja slipped out the back door with the evidence in hand to his comrades. Terja was able to signal for Jacob to leave and outside he told them all what had happened. This intense teamwork by Terja and Jacob provided the evidence to convict and defeat their sly enemy within Hobknobs Emporium of Fine Organs. After quick debating they decided to immediately confront Balthazar and arrest him for treason. They broke into the door and vehemently interrogated the Asmodean spy who had been knocked unconscious by Benedict. Terja and Avitus broke jars of merchandise but nothing seemed to move him to confess. So the party sent the quick footed Benedict to summon Father Matthew and Kaylor. When they came the father was stunned at the discovery. He made no definite command, but instead stated the law and told the party to do what they choose. The law of Pelor that the Father stated, however, was that treason to the god, was death. And so, Terja took his wand and blasted a green jet into the subdued Balthazar, instantly killing him. Terja then proceeded into the back to destroy the Asmodean statue which crumbled from the blast. The party then decided to rest for the night.

The next morning, fully rested and stocked, left on their way to Tyrannica. However, they gained a new ally, the monk Kaylor joined them. They continued on their way fighting many beasts, including a massive frog-like creature. The second encounter, however, proved violent and full of struggles. An Elf troupe surrounded the party and one of them, a drow, struck Kaylor with a magical poison. Although it showed no immediate effects the party was worried about their newest comrade. After some more walking the party was shocked to see a massive dragon land and attack them. The bestial monster, however, was easily defeated by a stroke of the weapon of Avitus. The party felt significantly stronger that night, and decided to rest after their great victory.

The Beginning
Every story's gotta start somewhere.

Father Christian, the local priest in Solaris, agent of Pelor, has given you a mission. To conduct a raid on the Asmodean city of Tyrannica. Upon leaving, Rhargrath, the local innkeeper, (a notorious coward,)has given you yet another mission… rid Solaris of its infestation of Kobolds. After killing one too many of them, the party departs on the road to Tyrannica.


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