Monk of Pelor


Kaylor is a fit human male. He has bandages on his hands, which protect them from practice dummies and enemies. He has a frantic pace about his and is relatively quite. As a monk he values his endurance, and refuses to take disability or pain. He packs a punch.

As of the third session he has lost all of his nails and hair. He also has aged and appears sickly, although he claims no negative effects.


Kaylor is a monk of Pelor from the town of Del-Richia. Upon meeting the party he kept them comfortable and assisted them in any way he could. He even joined the party once they left Del-Richia to fight the Asmodean threat abroad. During battle, just after leaving Del-Richia, he was struck with a mystical drown poison which caused no immediate effects. The next morning, however, it was revealed that the poison removed all of his nails and left him with awful night terrors. In true monk fashion, though, he fought on and into the far reaches of Terra Sicca on the way to Selsar and Tyrannica. After sleeping another night, Kaylor awoke to find himself without a single hair on his body and seeming to look sicklier and older. Yet, he ventures on.


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